This course is designed to offer quality skills to help you win in Combat Shooting.  This is not a tactics course this is a skills course.  Topics will be covered in depth and shooters will get enough reps to understand how to continue to develop these skills.  I will share what I know about Combat Pistol Shooting from 15 Years of experience as a Green Beret and 6 years as the Primary Instructor for Combat Marksmanship for my Group.  I'll also blend in the lessons I've learned from Competitive Shooting as a USPSA Grand Master and of course I will bring my passion for being a better shooter as a dude that likes to win with Guns.

Topics Covered but not limited to:

Safety Brief

Marksmanship evaluation

Fundamentals of Marksmanship tune up

Performance on demand

Vision Speed

Equipment set up to include lights and first aid gear

Efficient mechanics - Draws, reloads, malfunction clearance with both hands, right hand only, left hand only

Multiple targets

Scoring Speed

Shooting while moving

Moving to shoot

Body Mechanics in a Structure

Bring your standard /duty/edc gear: Pistol, Holster, 3 mags, handheld light and weapon mounted light if applicable.

Bring everything YOU need to take care of your body during a fast paced day on an outdoor range.  Show time is 9am (arrive no earlier than 9) and will finish by 4-430pm

600 rounds minimum recommended

STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE A COMPLEMENTARY 1 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION TO LETITDO TV. It is recommended to review the material prior to the course so that your range time can be more productive. 

After registration students will receive an email with further information including schedule, range location area information, etc







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