This class is taught in a match format where we all shoot stages and discuss the hows and whys of being better shooters in a super fun environment!  When I shot my first USPSA match I had been a Green Beret for 4 years, I did not perform as well as I wanted to in the match and discovered that there was soooo much that I didn't know was possible in shooting.  I trained to compete and competed every weekend to test myself.  Every week I found something that I wanted to improve at.  As a combat shooter I definitely found value in competitive shooting and as a competitive person it was a drive to become better so that I could win in any arena, combat or competition.  This course will begin with all of us (myself included) testing ourselves in a match format.  The stages will be a combination of USPSA and Steel Challenge Type stages with some other skill test events as well.  All targets will be steel with the exception of the Shoothouse.   We will shoot 4-5 stages for score then evaluate areas we need to improve in and discuss thought as we go.  After the training session the bays will be open for shooters to get as many reps as they wish in order to hone the skills we covered.  This course will benefit both competitive and combat shooters.  TO ATTEND YOU MUST HAVE EXTREMELY SAFE GUN HANDLING SKILLS!!!!! THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR NEW SHOOTERS.  

If you exhibit unsafe gun handling you will have to be removed from the course.  This will be a fast paced day to provide a lot of good reps, there will not be time to address deficiencies in safe gun handling or basic marksmanship.  

Bring your standard match/duty/edc gear and everything YOU need to take care of your body during a fast paced day on an outdoor range.  Start time is 9am and will finish by 2pm (for Eastaboga courses)

For courses at other locations the start time will be 9 am and finish 4-4:30

The course format will vary slightly based on location and available bays and range props

1000 rounds minimum recommended

STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE A COMPLEMENTARY 1 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION TO LETITDO TV. It is recommended to review the material prior to the course so that your range time can be more productive. 

After registration students will receive an email with further information including schedule, range location area information, etc.

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