This course is designed for responsible people who carry a pistol concealed for defensive purposes.   During the course we will cover and explore the following topics.


Safe Gun Handling

Marksmanship including one hand only

Concealment and access to the gun and gear

Working in/shooting from situations/positions you find yourself in daily including vehicles and structures



This course is not for new shooters.  To attend you must have extremely safe gun handling skills and a working knowledge of marksmanship.

Pistol- I recommend something large enough that you can shoot and train with comfortably and still conceal.  (M&P 2.0 Compact, CZ P10C, Glock 19 etc)

Kydex or injection molded holster, no leather or nylon.  IWB or OWB is fine

Hand held flashlight

Minimum 2 pistol mags

Ammo-500 rounds minimum

Eye and Hearing protection

Personal items as need to include food,water, etc

In brief at 9am finish around 4 with lunch break

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