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Shooting Fast Accurate Easy is a passion for me. In pursuit of that passion I have spent a great deal of time and money figuring out what gear works best to achieve those goals.  These pistols are set up the way I would set them up for my personal use for competition, combat or EDC.  

The pistols feature FP slide manipulation cuts which where designed to offer function and not just cut a bunch of metal off a slide for cosmetic purposes.  I am however very pleased with the aesthetic touches that were applied to these functional cuts!  I partnered with Fire4Effect to do the slide work and they did and excellent job in putting traction in the correct spot on the slide (midway between muzzle and ejection port) while keeping the cuts clean and removing minimal material from the slide.  NOTE- In my experiences as a SHOOTER lighter slides with standard ammo produce a very harsh and snappy recoil impulse/less than optimal sight track.  This is why I required minimal weight reduction from the slide to put these manipulation cuts on.  The end result is less than an ounce of material removed from the slide, maintaining a good recoil impulse and sight track.  

Slides are CNC machined for precision and Black Nitride finished for durability and corrosion resistance. 

These pistols also feature the following upgrades:

Proctor Y Notch Sights - offer speed and accuracy

FP Trigger Kit - shorter trigger travel with crisp trigger break  around 3.5#- extremely reliable with duty/carry ammo.  

FP Recoil System - provides better felt recoil impulse with faster, flatter sight track

Ships with 3 -15 round magazines





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