Shooting Fast Accurate Easy is a passion for me. In pursuit of that passion I have spent a great deal of time and money figuring out what gear works best to achieve those goals.  This is an M&P 2.0 set up the way I would set it up for my personal use for competition, combat or EDC.  

I have spent a great amount of time on some different pistol platforms.  The M&P 2.0 is the BEST polymer pistol that I have shot.  The ergonomics, grip texture, trigger mechanics, accuracy and ability to absorb recoil, offer everything I need in a pistol to Shoot Fast Accurate Easy.

These pistols all have the FP upgrade package for M&P - These are the products that I run on all of my M&P pistols(including the 2.0 compact that I carry daily)to give me all the performance, reliability and accuracy I require.  The picture highlights the benefits of each component.  These are the only trigger parts I use or recommend, I use and recommend using the factory striker spring and trigger return spring.  The trigger parts listed in this kit with factory trigger return spring and striker spring will produce a very reliable and clean trigger break around 3#.  Some pistols may be slightly above or below 3#.  In over 30k rounds of shooting with these components in my pistol I have had zero ignition problems.



Ships with 2 - 15 round magazines

Allow 2-4 weeks for shipment, we build and test these guns per order. 

Must ship to an FFL.  Send your FFL's contact info in an email after your order.

Check your local laws and restrictions prior to order.



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M&P 2.0 Compact

Frank did a phenomenal job with my 2.0 compact. Prior to this I have been running a $2200 fancy M&P. I can honestly tell you Frank's build is a WAYYYYY better buy than going nuts at the custom shops. Sometime less is more.

Enchanced M&P 2.0 5" 9mm and a Compact 9mm

Just received my Proctor Enhanced M&P 2.0 pistols both a 5" and a Compact this week and these guns deserve to be famous. Love the triggers in both guns. Incredible smooth break and positive reset. I have used Apex triggers before including the flat faced offerings. Frank's set up is getting the utmost out of the Apex offering...no need for a flatty. The sights are very crisp and clear especially out side. Even on an overcast January day they are bright and quick to pick up. In the sunshine they brilliantly glow as well as any fiber optic sight I have ever seen. Today, I shot the pistols at my local indoor range with dim florescent lighting and the fiber optics are not as clear and visible because there is simply not as much light. These sights are smaller in diameter than other F/O offerings. I was able to shoot rapidly and well even though the fiber glow was not as strong because the sights do not obstruct the target. I cannot wait to run these pistols at an upcoming class. When you handle and shoot these 9mm handguns it is obvious that Frank Proctor has spent a lot of time and energy working with and on M&P pistols. These pistols are simply the best M&P products I have ever seen and I am glad I got mine before everyone finds out what a bargain they are. Most pleased with the communication from Maryellyn, the friendly helpful service and the product from Frank Proctor Shooting. I will definitely be a repeat customer and I really want to come take a class now.

FP Enhanced M&P 2.0 C

I received my gun this weekend and am very pleased with my purchase. I have only put 200 rounds through it so far, but it has ran flawlessly. The apex trigger is a game changer! The sight picture helps you get on target and adjust your alignment quickly. If you are looking for a new gun and want to take your shooting to the next level, pick up one of these bad boys! Practice and fundamentals. To echo FP, "FAST, ACCURATE, EASY. Looking forward to the slide mods.