FP guide rods are CNC machined and feature a Black Nitride finish.  I have found Black Nitride to be extremely durable and corrosion resistant.  

These are a great replacement for the factory plastic guide rod in the Gen 1-3 Glocks and allow the use of different recoil springs to tune your gun to your ammo for smoother recoil impulse and better sight track.

NOTE Gen 4 and Gen 5 Glocks require the use of an FP guide rod adapter. (also available on this website)


MOD 1 fits- Glock Gen 1-5 G19,23

MOD 2 fits- M&P 2.0 Compact (4" only - will not fit 3.6")

MOD 3 fits- Glock Gen 1-4/G17,22,34,35 as well as  M&P 1.0 & 2.0, 4.25" & 5" 9mm and .40

MOD 4 fits- Glock Gen 5/ G17,22,34,35



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Glock Guide Rod


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FP Mod 1, 2, 3 Guide Rod

First the customer service was 1st class and most important the mailing of process was very good. This review will be brief because I am only 400 rounds in using this Guide Rod but it has operated very nicely. I believe the coating allows the spring to glide more easily. Very pleased.

Mod 1-Mod 2-Mod 3 Guide and 13lb Springs

Finally got a chance to use FP Guide rods and 13 lb springs set ups. I actually used Mod 1 and spring in a Training course of Franks. I shot 1000 rounds and felt a flatter shooting Glock 19 Gen 3. I shot it before the class switching out between factory and FP Set up. I felt like it was shooting flatter but conformed it putting it thru the Paces. I set up My M&P Compacts with Mod 2 and my Full Size M&P'S With the Mod 3. Quality of guide rod and finish are excellent and spring quality as well. I rate the Class and the guide rods sets up all ***** 5 star. if you see my prior review it was of fit finish and said I hadn't used yet. So this is my review after putting to hard use. Thanks Frank and will be adding more of the above soon.

Mod 1 Guide Rods w/13lb springs

I haven't had a chance to test these out yet. The fit and finish of the guide rides is excellent and the spring looks high quality as well. I have faith reading about FP guide Rod and springs that they will do what they are made to do. I have them assembled as video recommends and looking forward to testing. But have confidence in the product.

FP Guide Rods for my M&P Pistols

I have been following Frank for years. He talked about things he does to his guns to make them shoot smoother. I bought 2 of the guide rods for my full size M&P 9mm's adding the 13# recoil spring. I emailed Frank about the 2.0 Compacts and he said I would have to use the factory guide rod. I tried it but wasn't thrilled. I get a news letter from FP saying guide rods are available for the 2.0 Compact. Fast shipping and I had both Compacts with the guide rods and 13# spring installed. By hand, the slide functions smoother, no stacking feeling or hesitation. I hope to shoot them soon to see if my observations are correct. Thanks FP for listening to your fans feedback. YES, Blue Loctite or equivalent thread locker on threads.

Guide Rod

Quality product. Very quick shipping. What more can you ask for.

great product

This guide rod is great you get to tune your gun with whatever weight spring you want without having to fumble around with an un-captured guide rod spring. Don't forget to lock tight the screw cause it will definitely back out. Overall great product!