FP Holster Mounts for Blade-Tech/G-Code or Safariland ALS holsters put your holster in a better position and make it much easier to get the gun into operation.  This holster mount will allow the Safariland holsters to ride straight up and down.

When selecting size, note that the sizes are for the belt width. 

Blade-Tech/G-Code holster mounts are compatible for right-hand and left-hand holsters. Safariland is right-hand specific. 

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Great upgrade!

I've been using the mount for over a year and recently bought another. The mount is easy to install and removes the cant/angle or tilt that almost every holster on the market has! Definitely makes the draw and getting your master grip much smoother.

Effective mount.

Holds the gun in a great place, and doesn't flex when you draw.