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The FP Target System (manufactured by our friends at Best Targets)provides shooters with an easy to set up and store target system that is very durable and versatile.  Can be used to hold paper targets or the included AR500 steel target.  I have been shooting steel targets and designing steel target systems to hold up to high volume shooting since 2004. I first started designing a better target system when I was an instructor at the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat course.  My targets designs from 2006 are still in use and get around shot about 500,000 times a year.  All the lessons learned over that time went into this target system to give you a very durable, functional and safe steel target system.  I recommend using a 4' long 2x4 for steel targets and 5' 1x2 sticks for paper targets.  (2x4 and 1x2 sticks not included).  I also recommend tightening the target head bolt against the square spacer with only 1/2" of slack.


The FP Target System is powder coated and includes the following.

Target stand base- Designed to fold down for storage or be bolted solid.  Holds either a 2x4 for steel target or 1x2 sticks for paper target.  

Target head for steel target

10" x 18"  x 3'8" AR 500 steel target

All hardware

Assembled in about 5 minutes with hand tools

SHOOTING STEEL TARGETS WARNING: The FP target system is designed to provide safe use with pistols and rifles when used correctly.  The target system is designed for the bolt to be tightened against the square spacer.  This holds the target parallel to the 2x4 and straight up and down.  In this configuration the bullets will hit the target and break apart and the fragments will come off the target at a very shallow angle less than 30 degrees.  We recommend shooting steel targets no closer than 15 yards with pistols and no closer than 100 yards with rifle.  Only shoot the steel targets with ammo under 3000 fps, faster bullets will damage the steel target and make it unsafe to shoot.  Inspect your targets often for cracks and divets in the surface of the steel, do not shoot them if they are damaged.  We recommend eye protection any time you are shooting steel targets or are on a range where steel targets are being shot.  Shooting steel targets and shooting in general are done at you own risk and discretion.  

We do not warranty target systems after they have been shot.

To order contact Best Targets at- 704-657-7590

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Great target and stand!

I used my two new WOTG target systems last week when training with the police department. The design is simple, practical, and most of all, it works! We fired about 300 rounds and everything worked great. We also used the two smaller holes for paper targets for an initial zero. Everything was easy to use and as advertised. Nothing beats shooting at steel!

The perfect training target

Easy to assemble. Easy to store, transport and setup. I've only had mine for a few days, but my two have handled about a thousand rounds. They're AR500 and work great. The perfect training target. I may need a few more!