These are the products that I run on all (including the 2.0 compact that I carry daily) of my M&P pistols to give me all the performance, reliability and accuracy I require.  The picture highlights the benefits of each component.  These are the only trigger parts I use or recommend, I use and recommend using the factory striker spring and trigger return spring.  The trigger parts listed in this kit with factory trigger return spring and striker spring will produce a very reliable and clean trigger break around 3#.  Some pistols may be slightly above or below 3#  In around 30k rounds of shooting with these components I have had zero ignition problems. 

Below is a list of the components in the FP upgrade kit kit and their benefit: 

Proctor Y Notch Sights- Offer improved Speed and Accuracy

13# Recoil Spring with FP Black Nitrided guide rod- Reduces felt recoil and produces a faster/flatter sight track and easier slide manipulation without compromising reliability

Apex Polymer Trigger Shoe- Improved geometry producing easier trigger manipulation and shooter comfort

Apex Sear- Improved geometry produces lighter crisper trigger break

Apex striker safety- Provides less friction in trigger travel resulting in lighter cleaner trigger break


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Proctor M&P Upgrade Kit

Franks upgrade package for the M&P 2.0 takes a great gun and makes it even better. The 13lb recoil spring assists the gun in tracking flatter and the recoil impulse is noticeably softer and eliminates the “dip” as the slide returns to battery. Franks trigger recipe is fantastic. Very predictable and clean break, that makes shooting fast, stupid easy. The Y-notch sights? Don’t own a single pistol without them. Do yourself a favor and buy this kit.