This is a fast paced course for experienced and developed shooters that want to take their game and skills to another level.  I designed this course for Competitive or Combat/Tactical Shooters to train skills necessary to perform better and WIN!  I have been shooting as a passion and profession from over 15 years as both a USPSA Grandmaster and US Army Green Beret.  In this course I bring my experiences and abilities from both worlds to offer skills and techniques  that I know will help shooters win in any environment Competition or Combat.  During the course we will run both flat range and USPSA stage type events to explore and develop skills.  I run this course at facilities that offer multiple bays so that students have multiple events running at one time and the opportunity to get in a ton of challenging reps to quickly grasp the material and develop skills rather than waiting in line.  This course will be very challenging, safe and extremely fun! USPSA Shooters C class and shooters or tactical shooters with similar skill sets will benefit tremendously from this course.  If you are a Combat/Tactical shooter do not balk at the thought of competition, I personally credit competitive shooting to my development as a shooter and in my experience competition made me a much more effective gunfighter due primarily to the developments in visual speed, decision making, gun handling, body mechanics etc. 

Topics covered but not limited to

Overview of the Proctor Shooting Process

Visual speed for target/gun acquisition, target transitions, information gathering etc

Visual Discipline

Gun handling mechanics, draws, reloads, manipulations etc

Body mechanics, tecchniques  including movement, efficiency etc

Efficient movement inside a structure and around obstacles

Stability for precision shots

Scoring Speed- the most efficient way to put bullets on targets in less time

Stage break down

Stage plan, developing and executing

Mental control


You will get even more out of this course if you  have previously trained with me and or SUBSCRIBE TO MY TRAINING VIDEOS- FPTV-https://vimeo.com/ondemand/fptv

This will allow you to understand my concepts and thoughts on shooting before the class so that our range time is much more productive.

Shooters must use extremely safe gun handling skills during this course.  Any shooter that fails to exercise safe gun handling skills will be removed from the course. This course is not for new shooters.

There is no required equipment list. Bring what you need to safely shoot and take care of your body during a fast paced day on the range.  I recommend a minimum of 1000 rounds for this course.

For Carbine Courses any caliber including PCC is fine any optic is fine.  We will primarily work in the 5-50 yard range with the possibility to go a bit further based on the range.


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