This course is designed to be very informative and fun!  We will start during daylight hours working marksmanship, mechanics and techniques then move into testing capabilities and limitations at night and finish by running some USPSA style stages at night to really test our abilities in a fun and SAFE environment. 

Topics covered but not limited to:

Marksmanship with 2 hands/strong hand only/weak hand only

Light Usage, weapon mounted and handheld

Lights are not weapons 

Low Light tactics/techniques

Low Light Shooting/marksmanship with irons and red dot sights

Target Discrimination


Shooting and moving at night

Moving in a structure at night

Equipment list:

Clear eye protection

Hearing Protection

500 rounds ammo



2 mags min

Kydex or injection molded holster. IWB or OWB are fine.  

2 lights, handheld light even if you have weapon mounted light

Extra batteries

Dress/prepare for inclimate/cold weather



5 hour course start time 3pm finish around 8pm

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