I love the American Flag and the Country it represents.  I served over 20 years in the US military and have proudly worn the US Flag on my uniform, body armor, my guns etc.  When I started my training and gear company I wanted the US Flag on everything possible.  My packaging includes a US Flag decal, My shirts have always had the US Flag on them somewhere.  I designed this shirt with the US Flag in a vertical position with the Stars over the heart  as it will be when my walk on this earth is done and the US Flag drapes over my coffin(as per US Flag Code).  

Until then I'm gonna Let it Do and be proud of my Country and Flag and look good while I do it!   

If you don't like it see the 1st amendment (that I fought for) and piss off!



This shirt is Guaranteed to make you shoot faster!

50% Cotton

50% Polyester

Very comfortable

True to size

Doesn't shrink

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