Proctor Y Notch Sights are designed to be Fast Accurate Easy.   The main premise behind the design is allowing fast easy vision with less room for sight misalignment.  The Y shaped notch allows fast vision and target acquisition and makes it very easy to visually center the front sight in the rear notch for optimal sight alignment.  The contrast between the black rear sight and fiber optic front sight allows shooters eyes to process information extremely fast.  The sights have a black nitride finish, which is extremely corrosion and rust resistant and also provides very nice visual definition to the sights.

These sight sets have been thoroughly tested and provide POA=POI when installed and USED properly. 

Fits- Glock 17/19/22/23/26/27/34/35/43 GEN 1-5 including MOS

Does not fit the Glock 17L or 24

Installation instructions are under the FAQs section

Check our videos section for more info.

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Y Notch Sights

Exceptional sights. Very robust, and durable. POI is behind the fiber optic dot at 25 yards (not a 6 o'clock hold) which I favor. Overall great product that I will be using on all of my Glock and M&P pistols.

Y Notch Glock Sights

Tried these a couple years ago, and couldn't get the hang of it, but I always thought the thought process and execution of the sight was really cool. Recently bought a Gen 5 34 and was looking everywhere to decide what sights to buy. Just couldn't get these out of my head. Bought another set and I'm glad I did. I've grown a lot as a shooter since the first try, and now I "get it" a little better. By the way getting a perfect zero to the fiber optic dot with 147 grain ammo. Dig em so much I bought another set, and a rear sight for my 1911!

Made me love shooting my Glock again.

I had xs big dot tritium night sights for the past 5 years and during that time I found myself shooting less and less. Every time I would shoot I never left the session feeling like I was improving as a shooter. I would always hit the target but was ALWAYS a little off point of aim with my point of impact. These y-notch sights have changed my moral with shooting my Glock. I actually hit where I aim now consistently and with more speed. I use to set up water bottles scattered from 5 to 25 yards and would struggle to hit the ones 15 yards out and further on the first shot. Now I knock them down with precision. Great sights!

Game Changer

I had been using the larger Day night sights from another company previously and while they were easy to see they covered up way to much of the target. I put these on my Glock 19 and I couldn’t believe the consistent accuracy I now get. There wasn’t any learning curve it was an automatic increase in my skill level. I never have to search for my sights they are just there when the gun comes up. Like having a red dot now for shooting steel at long range. I just got another set for my Glock 34. I will be changing out my others with these sights soon as well. Thanks for a great product.

Amazing sights

I have used a ton of sights for my glock, but these are by far my favorite. The fiber optic is super bright and very easy to find.

Came highly recommended, didn't disappoint.

New to the gun world, I scoured the web for info on the best sights to upgrade the Glock stocks. After an exhaustive series of net searches, rethinking/overthinking, and talking to everyone I knew that had a "pro-tip", fate led me to the FP website. I can tell you the Y-Notch sights did not disappoint. Aesthetically, they maintain the low-profile I was looking for and Mr. Proctor was kind enough to not sell me an advertisement disguised as an aftermarket gun part. The engraved FP logo is low-key and doesn't stick out like an ugly bumper sticker which was definitely pleasing. The grooved sight profile is easy on the eyes and the front sight dot is easily picked up, just as advertised. I guess the only thing left to say is that I'll be ordering another here pretty soon because my other Glock is jealous.

Glock y notch sights

Installed them on glock gen 3, red front site and rear black totally awesome. Shot unreal groups at 25yards. Thanks again for such great products.

Outstanding Sights

Over the years I have tried several other manufacturers sights but none have helped me be as accurate. Frank has developed a sight set that makes it very easy for me to get on target from 5 yards to 50 yards. Point of aim equals my point of impact. The brightness of the front sight makes it very easy to pickup in many light conditions. These sights bring a renewed excitement in my shooting skills. As a senior shooter and former Army Recon Team member I feel blessed to be able to return to my former shooting level. Also, big thanks to Frank and his staff in getting these sights to me quickly. I will be adding several additional sets for my other Glocks.