This course is designed to help shooters achieve a high level of performance in dynamic shooting situations (Combat/Defensive or Competition)  with pistols and carbines at distances of 5-50 yards (range dependent) 

The concepts, techniques and or tactics presented are the result of over 15 years of shooting as a Profession and Passion. I served over 20 years in the military with the last 15 years in US Army Special Forces.  During that time, I served as the Primary Instructor for Combat Marksmanship, CQB Instructor, Breaching Instructor, Lead Sniper Instructor and NCOIC of Sniper Program.  I have also been shooting competitively since 2007 with both Carbines and Pistols and have been a USPSA Grandmaster for 10 years.  The course material focuses on what it takes to win in any Dynamic Shooting Situation; Combat/Defensive/Tactical/Competition  


I believe in and teach an Intuitive Approach to Performance

We will begin the course by discussing and understanding this approach and the  Mental - Visual - Physical concepts to easily achieving our performance goals.


The course will also cover how to successfully navigate the 3 phases of the training cycle

Explorative - Conditioning - Evaluation


Topics covered but not limited to: 

Safe and dynamic gun handling skills/techniques/mechanics

Performance Marksmanship (how to shoot faster and accurately)

Dynamic and efficient body mechanics including movement in structures 

Equipment and Gear set up for high performance and reliability

Red Dots and Iron Sights on Pistols

Red Dots or Scopes on Carbines

Adaptive Shooting Exercises 


Equipment requirements:

Pistol and minimum 3 magazines – minimum 2 mag pouches

Carbine (PCC is absolutely acceptable) and minimum 2 magazines – 1 Belt mounted magazine pouch (optional)

IWB or OWB holster

600 rounds Pistol ammo (minimum)

600 rounds Carbine ammo (minimum)

I have a very laid back/relaxed approach and enjoy shooting and helping others become better shooters.  I do however demand safe gun handling habits and skills at all times. 




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