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The PHD SLING is a very strong yet lightweight, minimalist 2 point adjustable sling that comes with all mounting hardware necessary to attach to a variety of long guns (AR-15, Shotgun, Precision rifles, AK-47, Hunting Rifles etc). The PHD SLING only weighs 2.4 ounces and there is no extra hardware to buy. The PHD SLING comes with everything you need to attach to a variety of guns. This offers huge savings over other slings on the market. The sling is fully adjustable, and excess webbing stores on itself providing a super minimalist sling option for shooters. You won’t find any other like it. The sling is 1 inch wide providing proven all day operational comfort with less bulk. The PHD SLING comes in black, marpat brown, multicam, and multicam black. The PHD SLING is 100% made in the USA. 

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Proctor sling

This sling is awesome. Extremely light weight with just the basics for attaching. Put it on your rifle and let it do! I am well pleased. Thanks

Frank Proctor Sling

Got this sling for as part of my wifes Mother's Day gift. It is her first sling on her first AR. After trying out several slings she found this one suited her best...(though she wouldn't have minded a little padding around the neck lol) No dangling fob, tab or extra whistles & bells; just a well made, easily set-up and adjustable 2 point sling. Additionally, you to use it with both paracord ends or incororate a QD hub for attaching to the QD port on a Magpul SLT stock. Great product & a Great Price.

Proctor Sling

Sling is simple and adaptable to every platform I have. Very effective design in a small package.

Proctor Sling

I have been using the Haley Strategic D3 sling, which I really like, a lot; however, one thing I don't like about that sling is that it is not easily adjusted. It will open up very easily, but does not tighten up nearly as easily. In fact, it is hard to adjust without taking your hands off the rifle grip and grabbing and holding it on the foregrip. I hate that! The Proctor sling is sturdy, but sleek and very light, easy to install and quiet, but the thing I like most about it is the ease with which you can adjust the length. I've determined that I will leave it at the store setting Frank discusses and only adjust out to the operational setting if I need more girth, which I really don't anticipate. Great minimalist, easy to use sling from a fellow vet, and I like supporting a fellow Alabama boy as well.

proctor sling

I have Proctor slings on all of my guns now. Like many shooters, I've bought, and discarded, lots of slings over the years looking for "the one" that really works without being overly complicated. I've finally found that in the Proctor sling.

Proctor Sling

Great lightweight sling. Easy to install, quick adjustments, no bulky attachments. Everything I was looking for in a sling.

Proctor sling

AWESOME!!!!!! A simple, no-frills, effective design that works. Bought one to try out, now will be retro fitting most of my carbines with the Proctor sling.

Proctor SLing

Works great. Easy installation and adjustment. Would purchase again.