The PLM-D is an extremely minimalist and low profile mounting solution for Surefire Scout lights and Streamlight Rail Mount lights.  The PLM-D puts the bezel of the light as close to the rail as possible without touching.  PLM-D requires the rail to be removed from the rifle to directly mount the light to the rail.  The PLM-D is CNC machined from 7075 aluminum with hard coat anodized finish and is available to fit: Key Mod, Mlok and Troy round cooling holes.  

May not fit all rails!  The PLM-D is .5" wide x 1.75" long and .16" tall

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F'ing awesome product.

After years of searching for a company/buisness that makes a light mount for the Troy alpha rail, my search has come to an end. This mount fits perfectly in the alpha rails holes and offers a slim profile as opposed to the old school pic rails. The absolute best part of this product, wait for it.......it's affordable.

Best Mount Period!

I have wanted to try these mounts for some time now, so when I saw they were on sale for $15 a piece, I thought I've buy 3 and give them a try. I am honestly mad at myself for not trying these earlier! Not only was I able to get 3 of these for the price of 1 of most competitors mounts, but these are the lightest, lowest profile mounts I've ever used, or even seen. They come with both of the screws needed to mount the light as well. Even at $25 bucks, not on sale, I will still be using these for all my light mounting needs moving forward. Thanks Mr. Proctor for an absolutely outstanding product!


I have tried (in order) GG&G, Surefire, V-TAC, Haley Strategic, Impact Weapon Components, and Arisaka mounts. This mount from Frank Proctor is absolutely THE lowest profile mount. Im glad I like it, because taking my handguard off was a royal pain. I will be ordering more for my other platforms as well. If it matters, it fits perfectly with the Streamlight RL series lights.


I have been using the original Proctor Light Mount for a few years with Protac 1L lights on a couple of different rifles, many thousands of rounds and hard use later, didn't think there could be a better setup, till now. I bought a couple of the PLM-D mounting plates for direct attaching the dedicated, direct attach Protac weapon lights, one M-LOK and one Troy Round. Just like all of the other Proctor products I've tried, the beauty is in the rugged, simple, light weight and fully functional design, all while being a very reasonable price. I've made a living carrying an M-16/AR-15 for twenty seven years, I know what works and what doesn't. The PLM-D with a Streamlight Protac (or a Surefire Scout if you have cash to burn, for the sake of burning it) is the king shit. If you dig extra bulk and weight, then keeps your heavy mount and 1K lumen light, I'll hump a few extra cans of Cope and some hot sauce instead..Wolfhounds!

M-Lok Light mount

This mount is the best on the market. No other mount sits closer to the rail. Awesome product !! Way to go Frank!!

Simple and it works!

This is the perfect solution for mounting a light to your rifle or shotgun. The light remains as close to the forearm as possible and is a simple and clean install. If you run a light on your rig and have MLok or Keymod, this is an essential upgrade.

Minimalist Mount

When ounces equal pounds you consider the lightweight approach. Frank Proctor in my opinion brings the most basic and smartest approach to practical shooting and techniques without question. No frills gear that performs 100% of the time and WILL NOT snag on objects while competing or while using my gear for work. Franks products speak to his experience fighting for our country as a Tier 1 operator. The Green Beret concept of nothing more nothing less than required for doing the job with the least amount of bulk possible is how this gear applies whether you are competing or using your weapons for work. Thank you Frank Proctor for your dedication and what you bring to the community. This light mount is the most simple practical excellent solution on the market. Will be adding to every rifle of mine.


This is a good to go minimalist light mount. No issues mounting a Streamlight HL-X to a BCM MCMR. Buy with confidence.