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The  Proctor Light Mount is an excellent combination of low profile/minimalist design, function, and strength. The PLM  is CNC machined from 4140 steel, weighs less than an ounce and has a Black Nitride finish.  The PLM is designed to fit lights with an outside diameter from .750" - .765" Including the Surefire Scout Light, Streamlight rail mount, Protac 1L and 2L.  The PLM  uses two mounting hooks that fit inside and flush with the top of a picatiny rail. This allows many foldable front sights to fold down on top of the PLM.  The PLM  can be mounted on the left or right side of the rifle.  LIGHT NOT INCLUDED







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Purchased this PLM for a pro tac 1L. Quality fit and finish. Light fits securely and tight to rail. Will need to change front sight to a more narrow profile. Mbus front sight would not fold down due to light so tight to rail. Not a bad thing just wanted both a light and backup sights. Would recommend to anyone wanting a quality light mount.


These are ALWAYS OOS as soon as they go up for sale. I snagged one for a pistol build. I did mount it to my 14.5 BCM KMR-Alpha rail with a Pro Tac 2 light. In the house it is small compact but allows plenty of light. Close to the rail and not out in the way. Can't wait for the 11.5" upper to get finished so I can transfer the PLM to it. Easy install and adjust where you need it for comfortable manipulation.


Exactly what I need simple compact just what I need great light mount frank worth the wait

Wow great piece of kit

This thing is light, tight to the rail, and simple. What more can you ask for. Frank's stuff just makes sense. This is no different. I love it.

Best, smallest mount yet!

The mount occupies such a small area, mounts securely and allow the use of great inexpensive lights like the Streamlight Pro Tac 1. The minimalist approach works great with the concept of keeping the rifle light and not breaking the bank for illumination options

Best mount, bar none.

After I took Franks WOTG class I purchased the PLM 1". I have a NiteCore EC10 as my weapon light. This mount is solid and has a small footprint. I purchased two more PLMs, I did have some trouble mounting the Streamlight Protac AA/123. The diameter may be different. Nevertheless I stand by this mount.


Needed a light mount for an at pistol build, and everything I could find was as large as my light. I remembered seeing this mount on the web sight. This mount is perfect in size and takes up very little rail space. Just right for Streamlight.

Best Light Mount on the market

I have used almost every light mount made since 2001/2002 timeframe. Since that time Frank has been able to use most light mounts on the market as well. Just like the simplicity in his sling, he figured out the simplicity of the light mount for 99% of most people's applications for an AR. The light mount is simple strong and effective as is the Streamlight light itself. Yes there are brighter lights and bigger mounts. Do the monetary math and really ask yourself what the mount and light cannot identify in the dark for your specific mission set or needs. I have this mount on a 308, three ARs one in 300 BLK and also on a Sig MPX. It's the best light mount on the market. Additionally, I had a screw break on one of mine and Frank himself responded and resolved the situation within hours of my initial email. Try getting that with any other company. It's possible but not likely. That in itself makes me a repeat customer with this company time and time again. Get this mount and get the streamlight and don't look back.