We now have the same low profile/minimalist Proctor Sling available with QD swivels installed!

The Proctor Sling is fully adjustable, and excess webbing stores on itself providing a super minimalist sling option for shooters.  You won’t find any other like it. The sling is 1 inch wide providing proven all day operational comfort with less bulk. The Proctor Sling comes in black, marpat brown, and multicam.  The Proctor Sling is 100% made in the USA. 

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Proctor sling qd mounts black multi cam

Awesome sling just what I was looking for. The black multi cam was perfect for my od green accessories!!!

Qd black multi cam sling

Awesome sling just what I was looking for. The black multi cam is a great macchiato with my od green accessories!!

Awesome Sling!!

Bought this sling for my DDM4V7 in Black Multicam and I absolutely love it. Super simple lightweight sling with a lot of functionality. I'm glad I bought this sling and will buy one again.

Awesome sling and fast shipping!

I love how solid the QD points feel on my AR midwest industry rail and battle arm's saber tube/stock combo. It is solid and the sling itself is thin and minimal. The sliding buckle is super fast to adjust on the fly as well. The price is fantastic and was recommended by YouTuber GarandThumb.

Awesome sling. Great Price

I love this sling. I have some with QD's for some of my guns and some with just the paracord for others. Works great, price is right. All quality materials. Good to go.

Excellent build quality

The sling is well-constructed. It is a thin design, but I believe that it is the optimal width to distribute the weight of my rifle and also allow me to maneuver the rifle across my body. The QD swivels lock tight into my handguard and stock and I don't have to worry about the swivels disengaging. Great product that gets the job done. My roommate recommended buying this sling because of the great reviews and videos available on YouTube. I will consider purchasing more products from Way of the Gun because of my great experience with this sling.

Good Quality and Simple Design

I have many different slings but this one is very simple and straight forward. Its serves its function to help stabilize my rifle in all shooting positions and hold my rifle when I practice transitions to my handgun.

great sling

This is my second proctor sling. The first one is the standard proctor sling the second is the QD mount. Love both of them great sling easy to use and very comfortable