Proctor Y Notch Sights are designed to be Fast Accurate Easy.   The main premise behind the design is allowing fast easy vision with less room for sight misalignment.  The Y shaped notch allows fast vision and target acquisition and makes it very easy to visually center the front sight in the rear notch for optimal sight alignment.  The contrast between the black rear sight and fiber optic front sight allows shooters eyes to process information extremely fast.  The sights have a black nitride finish, which is extremely corrosion and rust resistant and also provides very nice visual definition to the sights.  These sight sets have been thoroughly tested and provide POA=POI when installed and USED properly. 

Fits- Glock 17/19/22/23/26/27/34/35/43 GEN 1-5 including MOS

Installation instructions are under the FAQs section

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Almost too easy

Product is of the highest quality. Very easy to install and use. Excellent sight picture and quick to get on target. Try them for yourself!

Its a Miracle!!!

I"ve been using Trijicon HD for years. They worked well for 15 yards and in, but I always struggled at distance to make precision shots since the front sight on the HD's is rather wide. I just put a set of these on a Glock 19 after reading all the great reviews. These things are killer. Very easy to make shots on 25yd bulls without the entire target being covered. I found it very easy to get the hits. I will definitely be putting these on more of my guns as time goes on. Incredible Product!!!


Love them so far

And boom goes the dynamite

Front sight pops without saying. Rear sight is absolutely preferable to others that I have used, to include Sevigny setups. If you've got a Glock and want to shoot it fast, then this is a good fit for you. Nice work Frank. I'll be trying the 1911 setup next to see how that works.

Fantastic sight

I have used Dawson sights on both my G17 and P320. After borrowing a friends P320 with Y Notch, I knew right away I had to order a set for myself. I love the Y Notch compared to the straight wall of the Dawson's. I am ordering Y Notches for my Gen5 G19 and G17 and also my other P320 with SigLites.

Accurate and fast!!!

Switched out another set of taller FO sights on my G17 for the Y notch sights. Loving these sights! The tighter rear notch makes precision shots easier yet still fast using the top Y notch for speed shooting. I use these for USPSA matches.

Good sight picture

Sights provide a good sight picture that is easily replicated each and every time. The serrated rear and front sight keeps the glare down so the fiber optic really stands out. The thin front sight post does not cover much of the target even at distances of 50 yards plus like most "tactical" sights do. The Y notch allows quick front sight acquisition when accuracy is not as important. The sight also allows you to settle the front post deeper into the channel of the rear sight for better accuracy when needed. If there is a downside to the sight it would be the angle on the front edge of the rear sight. It is slightly curved and not a true 90 degree angle which would make one handed manipulations of the gun easier. It can be done now but could be more efficient with a 90 degree edge. Overall these sights are exceptional and I would recommend them.

First time running Fiber Sights.

Honestly you get a really good product for the price. I was running Trjicon HD's but the read sight kept tearing up my shirts. I moved on to trying these sights and have honestly been very pleased with them. The rear sights have not shredded my Clothes. The Front sight is extremely easy to catch when coming up on target...and you get an option with the color for your eyes to work with. Personally for me the red worked out better. I read that green is easier for the human eye to catch but I found that with indoor light the green kind of just ended up looking white to me. I really like these sights and even with my fear of the optic breaking you can still shoot them minus the fiber. Easily worth every penny spent.