Proctor Y Notch Sights are designed to be Fast Accurate Easy.

The main premise behind the design is allowing fast easy vision with less room for sight misalignment.  The Y shaped notch allows fast vision and target acquisition and makes it very easy to visually center the front sight in the rear notch for optimal sight alignment.  The contrast between the back rear sight and fiber optic front sight allows shooters eyes to process information extremely fast.  The sights have a black nitride finish, which is extremely corrosion and rust resistant and also provides very nice visual definition.

These sight sets have been thoroughly tested and provide POA=POI when installed and USED properly. 

Fits all M&P 9mm and .40 cal pistols including shield, 1.0 and 2.0

These are not designed for the M&P CORE

Installation instructions are listed in the FAQs section

Check our video section for more info

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FP Y Notch Sights

I’ve carried a firearm for over 20 years on and off duty with various brands of “night sights”. I finally ordered the FP Y-Notch sights for my M&P and regret waiting so long. These sights are awesome. They beat any sight out there. I get on target much faster. These truly are “fast, accurate, and easy”! I’ll definitely be putting these on my other firearms.

Y Notch mod 1

Fantastic sights! Serrated surfaces prevent glare. The Mod 1 still allows for fast acquisition and a quick sight picture, but alleviates a lot of the issues I was having with the original Y Notch in getting a consistent vertical reference. Tight fit on the M&P slide but didn't require any fitting. I've used stock glock and M&P sights, night sights, Trijicon HD's, Dawson fiber optic sights, and Heine straight 8's. These are my favorite. And yes, you can and I have used the rear sight to rack the slide. If you're reading this, get the sight.

why the "Y"

FP "Y" notch are the best sights i tested !! 1.very low over the bore 2.cristal clear front sight 3.you see only what you need to see

Y Notch Awesomeness

I've been very pleased with these sights so far! The Y Notch sights work well at distances both close and far and are very quick in grabbing your attention and getting you to focus. I would recommend this highly to anyone looking for high performance sights.