The EZDC Belt with integrated pistol magazine (or flashlight) holders, is designed to provide comfort for everyday wear and athletic movement while supporting a loaded and holstered pistol very well.  The EZDC belt will easily support the weight of up to a full-sized pistol for EDC (I have used the inner belt for AIWB carry of a Glock 34, a full sized Sig P320 and a Staccato XC (not at the same time of course lol!)  The EZDC belt uses composite D-ring buckles, this helps with travel, keeping you from needing to remove your belt to go through metal detectors.  The D ring buckles allow you 2 options for securing the belt, either use the Velcro to hold it close (which is very strong and secure) or route the belt through the D rings for an extremely secure friction lock.  The elastic section with integrated magazine pouches adds comfort while wearing the belt and presses the pistol closer to the body, aiding concealment.

The EZDC Belt is designed so that you can wear as an EDC Belt or  as a very comfortable belt just to hold up your pants. The EZDC Belt is also an Inner belt with soft (loop) velcro so  you can add the FP outer belt with Cobra Buckle (with more gear on it) for more serious shooting such as Duty or Competition.  

Can be used with other outer duty belts and competition belts such as CR Speed, Double Alpha.

The medical grade Velcro used on the belt is very low profile resulting in comfort against the skin and much less abrasive to clothing or car seats. 

 I worked on the development, testing and refinement of this belt system for close to 3 years to get everything exactly the way I wanted it and into manufacturing.  I am very pleased with the results and proud to offer you a comfortable, functional and durable belt  that will fit a variety of shooting needs.

 The FP EDC/Inner Belt is 100% made in the USA with Milspec and Berry Compliant components.

 1.5” wide

The FP Belt  is designed as ONE SIZE FITS MANY.  The belt has been tested on shooters with pant sizes 25 up 36

Notes on elastic and Velcro/ hook and pile. Elastic is a wear item and will stretch over time and use. The hook side of Velcro may clog with lint etc.  Using a small wire brush is recommended to clean lint from velcro.

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