Practical Gunfighter

 Practical Gunfighter is a 2 day course designed to install and refine fundamental skillsets, philosophy and mindset necessary for responsible armed citizens, law enforcement and military.  The course material comes from my personal experiences and other information I have gathered over the past 21 years of my life as a Green Beret, USPSA Grandmaster and shooting and tactics instructor.  We’ll begin the course with a look at safe gun handling skills and habits necessary for performing in dynamic situations.  We will then look at core fundamentals of marksmanship and address how to overcome any deficiencies.  The course will progress into lots of exercises to harness and increase visual processing speed and then into moving the guns and body around to facilitate putting eyes and guns where they need to be to accomplish any task at hand. We will work with pistol and carbine, starting with pistol.  The entire course can be taken with a pistol. 

Minimal equipment is required and actually preferred. Any safe holster is acceptable, OWB, Retention, IWB, Appendix etc. Do not bring body armor or plate carriers, helmets etc.  Duty gun belts are fine.  Carbines will need slings. Any optic for carbine, irons, dots, LPVO. PCC are also fine, distances with be 25 yards and in.  Pistols Irons or Dots.  3 mags is fine for pistol 2 mags for carbine. Plan for around 600 rounds per day (bringing more is always good) Note for carbines and indoor ranges PCC is preferred in indoor ranges or suppressed 5.56 guns.

 This is primarily a shooting course with an emphasis on shooting skills more so than tactics.

Topics covered but not limited to:

Fundamentals of Performance Marksmanship

Visual Habits

Increasing visual processing speed

Mechanical Habits

Mounts/Presentations to include red dot

Holster mechanics/draw

Manipulations of the guns

Rifle to pistol transitions

Body Mechanics

Movement techniques to facilitate Performance Marksmanship while moving

Mental Habits

Developing a Mindset of doing things Sooner



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