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One of the biggest benefits that a RDS offers for a pistol shooter is VISUAL information. This plate is designed to offer all the benefits of a RDS while still providing an EMERGENCY witness of the iron sights.  This plate is designed so that "suppressor height"/ back up iron sights are visible/available but do not block the window.  

The more information we can see the faster we can process that information and put bullets on targets.  As a USPSA Grandmaster and retired Green Beret I understand and appreciate the need for visual information.  I also understand what a P.A.C.E. plan is and I can agree with having a back up means of aiming your pistol.  I cannot agree with having "back ups" or secondaries that hinder the full capability of the primary means of aiming the gun at the fastest speeds possible.  

 The biggest benefit I noticed when I really started using RDS on a pistol was more info!  When shooting/aiming a pistol with iron sights the area of a target (and surrounding area) below the sights is obstructed from your vision by the sights and the gun.  With a well set up RDS the entire target (and area below the dot) are visually available.  Most RDS mounting options on the market today offer co-witnessed iron sights that cover a lot of the window/ available visual information.  I call those vision blockers.

I designed this plate as a solution for those shooters that want to take full advantage of the benefits of a RDS but also want a secondary means of aiming the pistol.   Another key features of this plate is that it places the dot ABOVE a suppressor (most RDS plates do not) The higher mounting also allows shooters to mechanically manage recoil better and see more without dipping the chin.

The plate is designed to be mounted with the factory screws that hold the cover plate on (the long ones- 8mm) These screws provide 4.6mm of thread engagement connecting the plate to the slide, very securely. I do recommend using blue loctite or equivalent on all screws.

The plate is .165" thick allowing the use of longer screws to secure the RDS to the plate.  For Holosun I use the longer screws that come with the sight .368"/9mm.  For RMR I use 7/16 or 11 mm screws.  Both of these screws provide .160" (4mm) of thread engagement which is considerably more than thin plates like the factory MOS plates.

Plates are CNC machined from 17-4 Stainless steel, these have been DLC treated and Cerakoted.

As pictured, fits Glock MOS cut Trijicon, RMR/SRO/ Holosun mounting footprint


The plate weighs 1.4 ounces, the added weight helps with felt recoil.  





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