REPETITIONS are key to learning and growth, how we get reps and what type of reps we get matters.

The goal of this course is to increase Performance.  

We will accomplish that by conducting a variety of exercises that are challenging and adaptive in nature. Shooters will perform Repetitions with the intentions of Reinforcing the Fundamentals of Fast, Refining visual, mechanical and mental skills, Retaining the information learned in order to create habits that we can Reproduce which equals increased Performance.

The exercises I design for this course are based on my continued experiences as a Shooter and Instructor.  I have been a USPSA Grandmaster for over 10 years, was a Green Beret for 15 years and have taught shooting and tactics since 2004 to a very wide variety of people.  I don’t know everything there is to know about shooting and training, but I am very passionate about sharing what I do know and will constantly explore to find more information to share.

In general, here’s what to expect out of the course:

Exercises to improve core fundamentals of shooting fast, accurate, easy for the practical applications of shooting (competition, combat/defensive, recreational

Dynamic/adaptive exercises to challenge the mind and body to use all available tools to accomplish a task the most efficient way possible.  Expect to have exercises that you can take back as your training program or to integrate into your training program.

There will be a lot of movement involved in this course some of it athletic in nature.  You can work through everything at your own pace however if movement isn’t your thing, this isn’t your course. On the first day of the course we will classify everyone in the class as level 1 or level 2 shooters (based on current ability) and I will demonstrate each exercise at the correct speed of performance for each skill level.  The goal of that is for shooters with a variety of skill levels to attend the same course and be safely challenged in order to grow and increase their individual performance. Level 1 shooters would be newer to lower intermediate skill levels or shooters with minimal exposure to dynamic shooting with lots of movement involved.  Level 2 shooters would be shooters of intermediate to more advanced skill levels that have done a good bit of dynamic shooting with movement involved.

Day one and the first half of day 2 will be all reps with no scoring or pasting. (we will do this to get the maximum amount of reps and to minimize the amount of time between reps)  Shooters are always encouraged to be connected to their sights and the target while shooting so that they can call shots and score at live speed.  The last half of day 2 we will score events for hits and time using hit factor scoring to quantify speed and accuracy. (it will pay dividends for shooters to be visually aware of the relationship of their sights/targets while shooting and calling shots for the first day and a half!)


In general, here’s what I expect from you:


Challenge yourself but work within your physical abilities to SAFELY handle yourself and your gun.  Unsafe shooters will not be allowed to stay in the course. I EXPECT EVERYONE TO MAINTAIN THEIR INDIVIDUAL SAFETY STANDARDS AND TO WATCH OTHERS AS WELL.

Come with an open mind and have a good attitude, be open to understanding and focusing on concepts more so than techniques.

Our days will be a pretty fast paced, short duration but high in training value. 9am-3pm  

Bring food and water.  We will take a short lunch break.

To get the most out of this course I encourage you to watch my training videos on FPTV use code -LETITDO2020 for a complimentary month to watch prior to the course.  This will give you some insight into my training/shooting concepts and allow you to do more on the range.  


This course is designed as a pistol course with a carbine option.  You MUST bring a pistol and can shoot the entire course with the pistol but we will also have the option to shoot carbine in the course as well.  In regard to carbine, pistol caliber carbines (PCC) are highly encouraged but 5.56 carbines are fine for outdoor ranges.  If the course is held in an indoor range 5.56 carbines will not be allowed unless suppressed.

Bring whatever you need to shoot and maintain yourself for a day on the range.

Shoot a pistol that lends itself to performance type shooting (Glock 19 sized gun or larger) Iron sights or Red Dot.

Carbine equipment is shooters preference.  2 mags and and a mag pouch will be great but you can shoot the course with a carbine and 1 mag.

Ammo- bring as much as you want to shoot (1000 rounds would be a good idea) We will put in as many reps as possible on every exercise.  Most exercises will be 6-10 rounds per rep.  If you plan to shoot carbine some during the course bring carbine ammo and adjust your ammo totals according to how much you want to shoot carbine.  Keep in mind this is a pistol course with the option to mix in carbine.

See  STUDENT INFO for more admin details.

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