Training Day is a short duration high training value session using exercises that will help you refine and grow as a shooter.

The concepts and exercises we work through will be a great addition to or can become your training program. We will shoot a variety of challenging and adaptive exercises that will produce growth for you as a shooter for any application: Competition/Defensive/Duty/Combat/Recreational.

The exercises I designed for this course are based on my experiences as a Shooter and Instructor.  I have been a USPSA Grandmaster for over 10 years, was a Green Beret for 15 years and have taught shooting and tactics since 2004 to a very wide variety of people.  I don’t know everything there is to know about shooting and training but I am very passionate about sharing what I do know and will constantly explore to find more information to share.

In general here’s what to expect out of the Training Day:

Exercises to improve core fundamentals of shooting fast and accurate

Dynamic exercises to challenge the mind and body to use all available tools to accomplish a task the most efficient way possible.

Expect to have exercises that you can take back as your training program or to integrate into your training program.

There will be a lot of movement involved in this course some of it athletic in nature.  You can work through everything at your own pace however if movement isn’t your thing, this isn’t your course.

Class size is limited to 15 max, expect to shoot a lot, expect to paste and score targets quickly so that we can all shoot more and expect to have fun!

In general here’s what I expect from you:


Challenge yourself but work within your physical abilities to SAFELY handle yourself and your gun.  Unsafe shooters will not be allowed to stay in the course.

Come with an open mind and have a good attitude, be open to understanding and focusing on concepts more so than technique.

This will be a pretty fast paced short duration but high training value day. 9am-2pm  Bring food and water we will do working breaks (we wont take a long lunch break) 

To get the most out of this course I encourage you to watch my training videos on FPTV use code -LETITDO2020 for a complimentary month to watch prior to the course.  This will give you some insight into my training/shooting concepts and allow you to do more on the range.  


Bring whatever you need to shoot and maintain yourself.

Preferably PCC (9mm Carbine) you can shoot a 5.56/.223 carbine  Red dot or LPVO (distances will be less than 50 yards)

minimum 2 magazines and a magazine pouch for reloads

Ammo- bring as much as you want to shoot (600-1000 rounds would be a good idea)


See  STUDENT INFO for more admin details.

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