Stability is a key component in accuracy.  In order to zero a rifle or pistol you must be able to group. Stability makes it much easier to shoot a group and get a legitimate zero.  I designed this bag several years ago when I was the lead instructor and NCOIC of the sniper program for my Special Forces Group.  This bag offers versatile stability for the rear or front of a rifle or a pistol. I designed the bag to have just the right amount of fill to allow flexibility to a variety of positions.The sewn in 550 loop allows the end user to attach the bag to the stock of a rifle or kit with a snap link. The bag is made from light weight and durable 500D CORDURA® Nylon and filled with polymer beads that don't absorb water(weight) The bag is 4" wide, 7 inches tall and 1" thick when completely flat.  Weight is 10.5 ounces.  

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FP Stability Bag - Perfect, Portable

Great shooting bag to keep in your range bag and is tremendously versatile - can use against a barricade for the front of the rifle, or as a rear bag for bench shooting. Just the right balance of stiffness and malleability to be adaptable to many situations. I've bought other compact shooting bags on Amazon, and they all seem to be "toy-ish". This bag is from someone who knows what they're doing.