Thank you for choosing to train with Frank Proctor Shooting! We appreciate your dedication to being a better and responsible shooter.

COURSE LOCATION: The website lists the range location and or city the course will be in. Use the range/city listed for any lodging/planning info.      We will not email prior to the course.  All information needed prior to the class will be on the website.  All you need to do is to plan to be at the range at the start time. We do this to for efficiency and to minimize communication clutter.

COURSE TIMES:  We gather and start talking at 9am each day and break for lunch around noon.  We take a 30min to 1 hour break and finish around 4pm each day dependent on weather etc. 

FOR CLASSES HELD AT THE CMP MARKSMANSHIP PARK IN TALLADEGA- Students must arrive at 9 am and watch a safety brief for the facility. 

If you registered for more than 1 person or someone other than yourself please email them this information.

If you have any questions regarding course material or equipment please read through the Course Descriptions.



 We just added a video to the website and FPTV in regards to safe gun handling habits.  We need everyone to watch the video and perform the gun handling exercises to ensure they have safe gun handling skills as a habit!  We also attaching a copy of the waiver and safety brief that we will cover the first morning, read through everything especially the safety brief prior to the class.  As stated in the brief if anyone has unsafe gun habits and therefore a danger to themselves or the class they will have to be removed from training.  We will not make someone leave the range if they fail at safety but they will only be allowed to participate in the course with an unloaded gun.  Here’s a link to the video, watch it and do those exercises and if you follow those 2 rules/habits we will all be golden! PRE-REQUISITES FOR ATTENDING A CLASS


SAFETY BRIEF AND LIABILITY WAIVER: attached is a copy of our safety brief that we will read through at the range.  Go over this prior to the course so that you know what is expected of you.  DO NOT EMAIL IT BACK.




We strongly recommend that you subscribe to Frank Proctor Training Videos (FPTV)

USE CODE- LETITDO2020  for a free month of FPTV

Subscribing to FPTV and watching the videos prior to your Class will greatly enhance your training experience and allow you to get more out of the Class.  FPTV contains hours of information and exercises that will not only help you prior to the class but allow you to continue to develop after the class.  Frank constantly develops new information and exercises, therefore FPTV is constantly updated with new videos!

VIDEO - We request that you do NOT record any instruction during the class. We understand that some folks want information to review however If you are filming during class you are not in the moment and hearing the information first hand. FPTV offers video footage from several classes as well as Frank’s personal training sessions, providing much more information than you will be able to record during a single class. We do allow and encourage shooters to film each other during individual events and use video and slow motion video as a diagnostic tool.  Frank will notify you when it is acceptable to do this. 

How to get the most out of the time we have together on the range. 

As a result of shooting and or thinking about shooting and how to do it better EVERY DAY for over 15 years I have a lot of information that I want to share with my students.  As much as I want to, I can’t transfer 15 years of info to someone in 1-2 days, but I push to give you as much information as possible to help you reach your goals!

For every course I have an outline of what information I’m going to cover in the course.  Every course is a little different I don’t believe in teaching the exact same material every class for 20 years. I explore new ideas constantly and will bring those to the courses. I absolutely believe in being fluid and adapting to each course, the location and the shooters to offer the best info possible at the time.  The course flow also varies based on the range and things available on the range to work with and here’s a big thing that influences the course – the students!  I encourage each of you to be engaged during the course.  I could lecture for days on shooting (I nerd out about it and love to get in the weeds) I prefer to talk WITH you about shooting instead of talking TO you. Let me know what your goals are and or the skill sets you want to improve on and we can make sure we highlight those areas during our time on the range.  I encourage questions and discussion while we are on the range and of course I prefer to keep things light and everyone in good spirits (we learn more when we are all having a good time).   In closing please review some of my training videos to get an idea of my thoughts on shooting and my teaching style, show up on range day with an open and explorative mind and we will have a great time doing this thing we all enjoy!

Thanks Again!  I look forward to helping you reach your shooting goals!






I,______________________________ ,of,____________________________
(print full name) (print place of residence) By signing this document I do hereby acknowledge, release, and forever discharge Proctor Horizons LLC., of PO BOX 3582 OXFORD,AL 36201 , its employees, agents, successors and assigns, of and from any and all manner of action and actions, claims, suits, damages, judgments and demands of any kind whatsoever, whether now or in the future, at law or in equity, that results or may result from firearms or subject control products used upon the premises of or from any training or instruction on the use of such firearms and subject control procedures by PROCTOR HORIZONS LLC., its successors, employees, agents and assigns. I further acknowledge that the use of firearms is an inherently dangerous activity and assume the risks of using and employing firearms or other similar products on the premises of PROCTOR HORIZONS LLC., its successors and assigns. I further acknowledge that the study and application of firearms techniques and subject control procedures is physically demanding and requires that I be in good physical condition, and free of any disability or physical condition that would prohibit my participation. I further acknowledge that I have read and understood the foregoing RELEASE OF LIABILITY and ASSUMPTION OF RISK and the following Safety Brief.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned does hereby execute this document on this ______day of,_________ 20___.

___________________________ __________________________

(sign name) (witness signature)

1. MUZZLE MANAGEMENT: Always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction. (Initials) _______

2. TRIGGER FINGER DISCIPLINE: If you are not looking at the sights your trigger finger must be firmly pressed on the frame of the gun and away from the trigger guard. (Initials) _______

3. Use comfortable hand speed when moving pistol to and from holster. (Initials) ____4. LOOK THE PISTOL INTO THE HOLSTER WHEN RE- HOLSTERING- Ensure that the holster and trigger guard area is clear of any obstacles including your trigger finger or any clothing items before putting pistol back into holster. (Initials)____

Know the status of your firearm/s. (Initials) ______
Identify your target and what is around it. (Initials) _______

Ear protection and wrap around eye protection are required to be worn at all times while firing. Eye protection must be worn at all times (if eye protection needs to be removed, you must face away from firing line (Initials) _______

When clearing firearms, always check both visually and physically to see that it is unloaded. Buddy Clear before leaving the firing line unless instructed otherwise (Initials) _______

Follow any additional specific safety guidance provided by instructors and range staff. (Initials) ______

You are expected to use good judgment, and to refrain from attempting any exercise, which you may not be able to perform safely, based upon your own ability, equipment, prior training or physical condition. (Initials)

REMEMBER: Everyone has the responsibility for range safety pay attention to your own gun handling habits as well as those of other shooters around you (Initials) ______

Can you legally own a firearm □Yes□No(Initials)_____
Do you have any physical disability, limitation, illness or other condition that would affect your ability to

participate safely in any aspect of this program? □Yes□No(Initials)_____

Are you under the influence of any prescription/non prescription drug or alcohol that would influence your safe participation in any aspect of this program? □ Yes □ No (Initials) _____


Personal Management

Stay hydrated and nourished as you need to in order to maintain vigilance and awareness during the course. (Initials)______

Video- Videos of instructional blocks are not allowed. All instructional information is available on FPTV. Students should remain focused and in the moment during class rather than videoing. During some of the exercises students will be allowed and encouraged to have an observer video their runs for later critic. (Initials)______

Talking during instruction- When the instructor is talking everyone should be respectful to the instructor and others and remain quite until it is time for questions. Questions are encouraged!!! Side bar conversations while the instructor is talking are not encouraged. If you need to discuss something with another student, text, make a phone call etc.- step away from the group and do so. (Initials)______

Medical-In the event of an accident or injury on the range the first person to observe the incident will call cease fire and make sure the instructor is made aware of the situation. In the event of a ceasefire everyone will put their guns in a safe configuration. The instructor will take control of the situation and make an assessment of the injury and determine the best course of action. Everyone not involved will be asked to remain calm and take instructions from the Instructor. (Initials)______