What customers are saying...

"I recently had the pleasure of Hosting 
Frank Proctor for his excellent Performance Pistol course here in Pittsburgh. Frank was very clear about the distinction in practicing shooting between “running drills” and “shooting exercises”. The analogy that Frank made that really stuck with me was one akin to lifting weights. If your goal was to bench press XXX pounds would it be wise to just go to the gym and put XXX pounds on the bar and go at it? Or would it be more effective to learn form, to start lighter, and to gradually work your way up? Why then, as shooters, do we think hitting the range and going full out at that one max rep over and over and until we luck one into the A zone is “practice”? This is a such a strong analogy I think we can extrapolate a great many useful training points from it over our more generalized skill sets." - Antifragile Training 

"Recently attended 2day class with frank. The training received was top notch. We worked through the august heat and got some valuable training. Franks training methods are very effective for all shooters. He works to your skill level and then elevates that skill. Highly recommend training with frank. I will again!"

"I recently attended a one day carbine course and a two day pistol course! learned so much then I ever thought I would in both! I have a glock 17 with xs big dots bought them not really knowing if id like them I hated them for accuracy! frank did not like them much either so he handed me his 17 and let me run it for 90% of the the 2 day pistol class since I've changed sights, Just goes to show what a great teacher and awesome guy frank is!! when the funds become available I will be attending as many of his classes as I can! can't recommendhim enough."

"The class had me re-thinking some of my gun handling methods. Frank took the time to discus what works and what I might change to be more efficient. Frank spends a lot of time making you think about what you are going to do next in a string of fire. I will be taking more classes in the near future. I highly recommend his training." Rob Potter - Nighthawk Custom Firearms

"I have taken two courses with Frank and squaded with him at some matches. Frank has excellent skillsets, a laid back approach to teaching and is generally a good guy. He will help you even when you are competing against him. I enjoy Franks classes and constructive criticism. He has helped me with both my pistol and rifle skills."

"I was honored to have reviewed Frank Proctor\'s Performance Pistol DVD. As a practical pistol competitor of 30 years experience and being employed in the law enforcement field, I can state without reservation that Mr. Proctor\'s Performance Pistol DVD provides excellent instruction in the bio-mechanical, technical, and psychological components of pistol operation in the dynamic and unique atmosphere of defensive and practical pistol competition usage. I highly recommend this DVD to all whom wish not only to improve their high speed and dynamic pistol shooting capabilities but to those who are as interested in learning why something happens as well as how something happens. You can read my extended version of my review at http://chuckdisalvo.com/2013/09/02/frank-proctor-performance-pistol-dvd-a-review/ "

"I have taken several classes with Frank and learned something new every time! On top of that, I've enjoyed every single class. Frank is a phenomenal shooter and a great instructor with a lot of class. You are in for a treat if you get the opportunity to train with Frank."

"Our unit brought Frank out for a 5-day closed course that covered multiple weapon systems. My intent was to find an instructor that could bridge the gap between competition speed and accuracy and what was needed in real world tactical operations. Frank absolutely accomplished that goal. Those in attendance saw a marked increase in processing speed and movement efficiency without the loss of critical accuracy. Those multiple 1/10ths of seconds saved during an armed engagement can be significant. I highly recommend Way of the Gun and Frank Proctor for units looking to improve their shooting efficiency and processing speed through an up-to-date tested shooting program."

"After taking a course from Frank I can definitely say I have improved as a shooter. The principles that Frank taught and the way he laid out his curriculum has provided me with a set of tools to continue carrying my shooting skills forward. I think one of the best attributes of Frank is his ability to understand and see where you are at and know exactly what you need to fix to get you to where you need to be. I would not miss out on the opportunity to train with Frank. It is enjoyable, educational and will carry your shooting forward to your goals."

"Frank is easily the best instructor I've trained under. While other instructors pasted up 10” paper plates on the targets and called that “combat effective hits”--which was basically saying “good enough to get by”--Frank pasted up tiny 3”x5” index cards, scored our hits based on A and C zones, ran us pass/fail on drills for points, and ran almost every drill on shot timers and head-to-head “Thunderdome style” to continually push our performance on accuracy, speed, mechanics, and attitude. The use of objective measurements, especially timed drills, clearly indicated the areas in which we needed the most work. For a small example, pushing for faster accurate shots made it obvious that my grip on the pistol was not enough for proper recoil management at higher speeds. Frank helped me diagnose the weaknesses in my grip to help reach those higher speeds. In other courses, this weakness had gone undetected because they did not use objective methods to diagnose our actions. Frank is the only one of two instructors I've trained under that's absolutely passionate about shooting and continually improving himself and he's the only instructor that clearly has fun teaching and shooting as well as learning. To him, this isn't a job! It's what he lives and breaths and that comes fully across in his teaching. I'd absolutely take other courses from him and would absolutely recommend that you do as well."

"Just did 4 days with Frank working the pistol and carbine, this is a method and it works! Did considerable shopping around and even did some very expensive high profile training, Frank left them in the dust, I traveled halfway around the world to train with frank and will train with him as much as possible in the future, I advise anyone shopping for a real shooting method consider Frank,He has the answers your looking for in regards to running Guns fast or doing the work, no ego or boy band bs either. He's a damn good shooter, teacher and has some real credentials to back up his way of running the guns. I still have a lot to learn and I'm learning from Frank!"


"Hey Frank
Hope all is well man. Just wanted to drop in and brag on your gear. We were apart of a large man hunt up in the mountains east of Bakersfield. It was some rough terrain. We hiked through some nasty stuff, were in and out of trucks and riding quads. My guns took a beating. I saw two slings break but our WOTG slings held up great and made life a lot easier getting in and out of trucks, hiking and climbing.  Also saw some guys getting hung up on brush and kit. The low drag no frills sling is great. I was a little concerned about your fiber optic sight breaking with everything we were doing especially on the quad on some nasty trails. It held up great and was still super bright coated in dirt and dust.  Appreciate what your doin man. Looking forward to training again when you're back in California." - LEO