The PROCTOR SLING is a very strong yet lightweight, minimalist 2 point adjustable sling that comes with all mounting hardware necessary to attach to a variety of long guns (AR-15, Shotgun, Precision rifles, AK-47, Hunting Rifles etc). The PROCTOR SLING only weighs 2.3 ounces and there is no extra hardware to buy. The PROCTOR SLING comes with everything you need to attach to a variety of guns. This offers huge savings over other slings on the market. The sling is fully adjustable, and excess webbing stores on itself providing a super minimalist sling option for shooters. You won’t find any other like it. The sling is 1 inch wide providing proven all day operational comfort with less bulk. The PROCTOR SLING comes in Black, Marpat Brown, Multicam and Multicam Black. The PROCTOR SLING is 100% made in the USA with Mil Spec and Berry compliant materials. 









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Smart, fantastic sling, thanks Frank

Frank proctor sling

I don’t usually write reviews, but this sling deserves one. This is far and away the best sling I have used. I have had, probably like you guys, every other different kind, Vickers, BFG, Magpul etc etc. None of them were perfect hence the reason to buy all different kinds. The frank proctor sling is the closest to perfection I have seen in a sling. It’s beauty is in the simplicity, it is light weight, simple to use and can be installed in seconds on about any rifle. The attachment method is genius, it can be repaired in the field, doesn’t make noise and doesn’t require additional mounting points. Some have concerns about lack of large adjustment or pull tab ring. I have found that the proctor sling adjusts easier than others without the bulk of other slings. With one movement the sling goes from “work” mode out of the way to a “storage” mode tight to the body. This sling does everything you want and like all good equipment you forget about it, nothing gets in your way and there’s nothing there you don’t need, and they are fairly priced. I bought two after hearing from some buddies how awesome they were. Used them in the field bought two more now they are the only sling I will use, others seem bulky and obsolete. Hope this helps, I think you will be happy with this sling. RLTW

5 Stars!!!

Top notch quality, the sling is comfortable lightweight and perfect minimalist design, storage mode is my favorite feature!

proctor sling

So I heard about the Proctor sling through watching a Pat Macnamara vid and well Pat's cool AF so I checked it out. It is the type of product I gravitate towards, it's simple and really efficient. It doesn't have a bunch of bs on it. Really well made , comfortable, and light weight. EZ to install. Watched some of Frank's vids since and seems like a very down to earth guy. My buying experience with them was excellent, They got the thing to me fast and the shipping was reasonable. So as Pat would say"git you sum"

Proctor Sling

Excellent two-point sling, strong yet lightweight. Used for years in a patrol setting, couldn't be happier with this product. It's my go to sling for long guns, currently running four.

Greta Sling

Great product at a great price. My compliments to the entire Proctor team for delivering a very satisfactory product.

Proctor Sling

I really like the simplicity of this sling, it's everything you need and nothing more. I didn't need any tools for installation and I didn't have to buy anything extra. This sling is easy to adjust and I can easily get to all the controls with it in the storage configuration, which is great. So far I've bought 2 of these and I would definately recommend this to anyone who wants an all around good sling.

Proctor Sling

Simple, clean, everything you need and nothing you don't.