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The goal of this course will be to take you through some of the things I do in my personal training sessions.   The way I train now is based on my observations and experiences from over 18 years as a professional shooter, Instructor, USPSA Grandmaster, US Army Green Beret and student of the gun.

The course will focus on the concepts of My "Fundamentals of Fast" and fun exercises/events that will involve target transition, moving and shooting , real size targets at real distances and up to 50 steel targets in the bay. We will train on a combination of steel and paper targets.

This not a course for extremely new shooters, Safe gun handling skills and a working knowledge of marksmanship are the only requirements. 

4 hour sessions for maximum of 4 shooters 

If you would like a private course buy all 4 slots and we can customize the course to your interest.

My range offers the ability to comfortably train rain or shine.  Courses at my range are limited to pistol.

Start time is 9am central time - Range location is Eastaboga, AL.  We will send out details directions the week prior to the course.

Minimal gear required. 


Eye Protection

Hearing Protection


2-3 magazines

400 rounds of ammo





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