This FP spec spring is the striker spring I have been using in Glock pistols since around 2008.  In my experience I have found that it's easily the best and easiest thing you can do to improve the trigger in a Glock pistol. This spring will reduce the pull weight by around 1 pound and still provide reliability with your duty/defensive ammo. NOTE- in my experience Glock pistols are sensitive to primers- meaning that even with the stock spring occasional ignition problems happen with hard primers or primers that are not seated correctly/deep enough.  Bulk ammo and inexpensive ammo can and typically do have hard primers.  Duty and defensive ammo has requirements for "softness" of the primer to ensure reliable ignition.  I have personally shot over 10,000 rounds of "duty" ammo with this spring with no issues. This is the spring that is in my personal G43.  I do strongly recommend that you test for yourself with your defensive/duty ammo. If you reload, in my experience Winchester and Federal primers that are seated correctly are good to go with this spring.

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Perfect Perfection

Got this spring to put in a 17 or 19 build, but instead put it in my G43X, which I was already fortunate enough to get one with a really smooth, clean trigger, and noticed immediate improvement. The wall is still firm, but breaks even smoother and with just a hair less pressure from my finger. Buttery smooth now, and my dry fire Penny Drills have dramatically gotten better. Trying to find good Glock upgrades that don't sacrifice safety is difficult, but this is literally perfect. Love this! I plan on buying one of these for every one of my Glocks.