I worked with Ready Tactical to design these holsters with features that I think are important for EDC use.

The holsters are designed for easy access to the pistol and concealbility while providing comfort in a variety of positions.  

Can be worn appendix or behind the hip.

Bottom of holster open so that brass can fall out.

Muzzle of holster is covered and will not contact skin ( this is important if you train with your pistol and re-holster after shooting a bunch)

Sweat guard is designed to facilitate easier re-holstering and keep the gun from rubbing against your skin.

1.5" belts only

Right Hand only

Works with pistols with or without red dot sights

Works with Suppressor height sights

Glock 48,43 holsters will work with 43X, 43X MOS and 48 MOS with or without dot

Sig P365 holsters will work with P365 Macro, P365 XL, P365 with or without dot

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