These holster manufactured by Ready Tactical and have design features I have developed during my shooting career.  In over 20 years of working with pistols as a professional shooter I realized deficiencies in holster design.  I worked with Ready Tactical to create what I think is the perfect OWB holster for pure shooting and USPSA. 

The slight drop and offset in the hanger position the gun away from the belt enough so that the firing hand can get a good purchase eon the pistol at the holster but not so low that it creates holster torque during the draw.

New belt loop design allows the holster to position straight up and down or with the muzzle racked slightly forward.

The trigger guard area of the holster is made so that at the holster your firing hand is in contact with the bottom of the trigger guard and not the holster.  This is much more comfortable and efficient.

The bottom of the holster is open so that brass can fall out.

Accepts any Bladetech or G Code pattern hanger. Holster ships as pictured with FP design adjustable belt loop

1.5" belts only

Right Hand Only

For Pistols with or with out red dot sights

Suppressor height sights work with this holster

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