Proctor Y Notch Sights are designed to be Fast Accurate Easy.   The main premise behind the design is allowing fast easy vision with less room for sight misalignment.  The Y shaped notch allows fast vision and target acquisition and makes it very easy to visually center the front sight in the rear notch for optimal sight alignment.  The contrast between the black rear sight and fiber optic front sight allows shooters eyes to process information extremely fast.  The sights are CNC machined from high carbon steel have a black nitride finish, which is extremely corrosion and rust resistant and also provides very nice visual definition to the sights and an extra layer of hardness.

Sets available for a variety of pistols see drop down for models

POA=POI - I have personally tested these sight sets on various pistols, ammo, barrels etc for each model and confirmed that they are POA=POI when used correctly with proper fundamentals

Due to the variations in pistol shooters, I DO NOT guaranty that these sights will be POA=POI for you.

Watch video for more info on how to zero/group pistols. 

Minor fitting may be required on 1911/2011 sights.  Installation by a competent gunsmith is recommended.  Review installation videos and warranty policies prior to installation.  Do not use a sight press for installation of any of these sights as some sight presses put pressure on the wrong part of the sight.





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Rugged and Repeatable

I love these sights because I know what I am getting when I order. The Glock front sight screw is durable, the sights themselves are well made and rugged yet fine enough to shoot head shots at 25m with a high level of confidence in my shot calling. Every iron sight slide I buy, gets these sights on them.

The best pistol sights period

These are BY FAR the best pistol sights I’ve ever used and I’ve used a shit ton from a bunch of different companies. Ameriglo, XS, Dawson, Novak, Night Fision, Truglo, HiViz, Meprolight… all of em, and there is absolutely no questions these are the BEST handgun sights on the market. They work day or night with a light or without (despite everyone telling you fibers don’t work at night with minimal light you can still pick these up).they are the fastest irons to line up, the fastest irons to pickup, and the fastest irons to truly zero. I have on several of my slides that don’t have optic cuts. But for my slides that do PLEASE FRANK I beg of you make an optics height set of the Ynotch sights for both Glock and Smith & Wesson. I have a brand new M&P 2.0 compact and while I love the Night Fision optic ready fiber irons, they re definitely the brightest fibers I’ve used besides the L2D combat fibers, they are too tight in terms of FAST acquisition. If I could have Proctor Y Notch optic ready height sights for both Glock n S&W M&P2.0 compact I would swap out all my sights for those. I have several optic slides and I know Frank doesn’t like irons when running a dot, however I do and would LOOOOOVEEEE optic ready YNotch sights. Even if say they were 1/3 co-witness for milled and 1/5 for MOS, and the same for M&P’s that totally fine I would absolutely rock em. Regardless these non optic height YNotch sights are now the ONLY sights I run on my irons only guns. Well done indeed.

Y Notch sights

Personal favorite for my g19. Great definition, very precise, finish is great as well.

Y notch sights

Preferred irons, third set I’ve installed. Speed and/or accuracy, Y notch are capable for either. Have tried other sights in the past, Y notch is where I’ve settled.

y notch sight

ordered these and turn around was fast! these are the sights I’ve been needing for a long time. Installed them on my glock 19 and they are great!


These sights are top notch! I use them on several pistols and find that they make getting on target a breeze. The quality is outstanding. Installation using a punch takes a little effort but is fairly simple.

Great sights

These are the best sights on the market, they make target acquisition simple and fast! In fact, I liked them so much I just ordered a 2nd set for another gun. I HIGHLY recommend you give them a try!!

Great Sights!!

I bought these sights for a Sig P320. Installation was easy. Sights fit nice and tight in dovetail but not too tight that they were a pain to put in. Great sight picture. I like black rear on fiber front a lot, way better than the factory white dots. Thanks for a quality product!!