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Proctor Pistol Process (2 Day Course)

“The Fundamentals of Fast”

SHOOTING is my PASSION and PROFESSION, I have been shooting or training almost everyday for the past 15 years. I have been a USPSA Grandmaster for the the past 10 years and served 15 years in the US Army Special Forces (full bio on website) In this course I offer my thoughts, information, experience  and ABILITIES to help you become the best shooter you want to be.  My goal is to teach you the way and give you an understanding of how to perform, and how to train to perform better...always better, Faster, more Accurate, Easier...


The Proctor Shooting Process involves an in-depth understanding and mastery of the following 5 "Fundamentals of Fast" in order to shoot Fast, Accurate, Easy 

These concepts apply to WINNING in Competition, Combat or Recreational Shooting


Shooting is VISUAL. Processing is the most important component and all the others are there to support the Processing. Visual information must come in through the eyes and be processed by the mind so that it can provide the best output.


Recoil and trigger control. Recoil control is important to give the eyes the correct relationship of rear sight, front sight and target. Sights and triggers are the core fundamentals of marksmanship.  Trigger control is important to put the least amount of movement into the gun possible for a variety of scoring speeds.


Mechanics are the things required to get the gun in front of the eyes so that the mind can process information to provide output.  Mechanics such as draws, reload, malfunction, clearance, etc., should be efficiently done with fluid and repeatable hand speed in order to support the Processing and Mindset.


The practical applications or shooting require movement.  It should be done the most efficient way possible to get the shooter from point A to point B so that they are in the best position possible to shoot and or to shoot effectively while covering ground.


Shooters must remain calm and allow the visual information to come in so that the mind can process the information and provide the best output.  We must maintain the mental control and visual discipline necessary to SEE what we need to SEE and LETITDO!

Equipment list

Bring what YOU need to shoot and take care of your body during an active and fast paced day on a range outdoors

Hearing and eye protection

Pistol- Iron sights or Red dots, bring several guns if you'd like I will most likely shoot a dot gun and an iron sight gun in the course.

Safe Holster- OWB or IWB 

Magazines- 3 is good but 2 will work as well.  

600-1000 rounds of pistol ammo recommended.  (Bring more if you have it and want to shoot more during rep sessions)




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