Join me as I share my passion for shooting and over 15 years experience as a Professional Shooter, Instructor, US Army Green Beret and USPSA Grandmaster.  Proctor Performance Pistol offers my thoughts on training and gear to help you put bullets on target Fast Accurate Easy in Combat or Competition. 

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performance pistol

Well done. Lots of information to process. I have watched DVD a couple of times, looking forward to getting out to the range to work on some of the things he teaches.

one of the better training DVD's available

Frank has a very easy to understand and well reasoned approach to what he's teaching. He's easy to relate to and you get the feeling he has an absolute mastery of his subject matter. These DVD's are a great way to introduce yourself to the sport and an even better way to get an idea of who you'd like to spend the money to attend a class with. Frank is the first I've seen teach the method of sight picture I've been using for years, no dogma just what works.

Great video

Great video, very informative I learned a different way to grip the gun and sight focus. I would love someday to take the courses Frank offers , maybe my wife will read this for a Christmas idea.

The title says it all!!

Frank and the crew did a great job putting this video together. The explanations of what "Performance Pistol" is ...was top notch. If you buy this video, you will not be disappointed. I have watched this DVD multiple times.

Great value

Without paying for a trip and the live course this is a lot of good instruction for the money. As stated in other reviews, this needs to be watched over and over to put together all the info. Have already started practicing some of the solid and logical tips passed on in this video. I'm an older shooter who thought he knew "enough" to get by with a pistol, this video has kick started my skill level and desire to achieve more and I didn't have to disrupt the class with my slow shooting. ha ha Highly recommend

Highly recomended

The next best thing to actually being there. This video is Worth every penny, Great instruction from the basics to some of the best advice on pistol recoil management that i have personally come across. Its great being able to go back and refresh any particular tip or lesson when ever you want ! Thanks WOTG Keep up the good work.

Performance Pistol

I have only been shooting for 4 years after I took a job with an Armored Car Company. I found out a lot of the guys put their gun on in the morning and took it off at night and that was the only time they ever touched the gun. I decided to take some lesson and find out as much about pistol shooting as I could, after all my life could depend on it. Frank Proctor in the Performance Pistol DVD was very enlightening. Really easy to understand instruction and examples. I found myself wanting to jump right up and try the techniques. I know you can't learn as much from a DVD as you can in person. I live way up in Pennsylvania but hope some day I can attend one of Frank Proctor classes. But for now I know I will be watching the DVD over and over again, picking up all the great information I can.

Performance Pistol

I have been an avid pistol shooter for 30 years .I have have had both military and law enforcement firearms training. Having said this I found that this video was very well made and informative I really enjoyed the break down of marksmanship fundamentals and draw stroke. After watching this video and applying some the techniques, I look forward to attending a class at Way of The Gun. I also look forward to meeting Frank Proctor and learning from him first hand. I think watching the video before attending the class will increase the learning experience.