I have used this method for zeroing red dot equipped carbines since 2007. To truly zero a carbine you need a good group. (with decent ammo in a decent carbine you should be able to shoot well under a 1" group at 50 yards) With a red dot on a carbine it can be difficult to see well enough to aim well enough at 50 yards (try aiming at a 1" target with a dot at 50 yards) to get a good zero so I developed this method to get a 50/200 yard zero at 10 yards.  If done correctly it works very well and can be done very quickly.  Follow the instructions on the downloadable target and you will be golden!  NOTE: this target was designed around a 5.56 carbine with an optic that is mounted with the center of the optic 2.8" from the center of the bore.  Standard height (non 1.92) red dot optics. 

To download target add it to your cart and go through the check-out process.  It is free and you do not have to enter credit card info.  You will be emailed a link to download and print the target as a PDF. NOTE- You must use the downloadable PDF in order for the target to be to scale and work properly.

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50 yard zero at 10 yards

I cannot wait to use your target, I am zeroing a trijucon credo 1-8 lpvo and have been using a 36 yard zero but for distance your explanation of the 50 yard has convinced me it would serve me better. Much thanks for a no cost solution to my problem!

10 yad zero

Works as advertised. Very easy and quick. Verified to our multiple distances

200 yrd Zero

I was curious how well this would work, so I downloaded this target & took it to the Range to zero in a new red dot. Very straight forward, easy instructions, & to my amazement, Spot On! Highly Recommend. Easy way to save ammo & zero out to 200 yrds.

10 yd carbine zero target for optics

I tried this target numerous times and this target is great. Easy to explain and to use. I now use this in all my training classes.

10 yard sight in product

Still have not received my order.

good stuff

these zeroing targets work well. very easy. had no problem zeroing with them. dead on at 200. and it's nice being able to zero from only 10 yds.

Red dot zero target

This works and its easy to get a zero quickly, I ran off a bunch for my range box.

Target review

Target was easy to download and print. Instructions were easy to follow and understand. Zero was no problem and I use the Target to initial Zero one rifle and confirm two on the same sheet with ease. Definitely a range keeper.