I have used this method for zeroing red dot equipped carbines since 2007. To truly zero a carbine you need a good group. (with decent ammo in a decent carbine you should be able to shoot well under a 1" group at 50 yards) With a red dot on a carbine it can be difficult to see well enough to aim well enough at 50 yards (try aiming at a 1" target with a dot at 50 yards) to get a good zero so I developed this method to get a 50/200 yard zero at 10 yards.  If done correctly it works very well and can be done very quickly.  Follow the instructions on the downloadable target and you will be golden!  NOTE: this target was designed around a 5.56 carbine with an optic that is mounted with the center of the optic 2.8" from the center of the bore.  Standard height (non 1.92) red dot optics. 

To download target add it to your cart and go through the check-out process.  It is free and you do not have to enter credit card info.  You will be emailed a link to download and print the target as a PDF. NOTE- You must use the downloadable PDF in order for the target to be to scale and work properly.

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