Join me as I share my passion for shooting and over 15 years experience as a Professional Shooter, Instructor, US Army Green Beret and USPSA Grandmaster. Proctor Performance Carbine offers my thoughts on training and gear to help you put bullets on target Fast Accurate Easy in Combat or Competition.  




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Excellent Training Aid

I have seen numerous training videos over the years and this is one of the best, especially for the price. Practical, common sense mechanics and tactics.

great video

This is a great video very informative and very well done, i have purchased serveral items from WOTG and everthing is top notch.

Great information

Frank covers a lot of material on this DVD and does it an informative and entertaining way. He speaks with the quiet confidence of someone that knows what they are talking about and is secure enough in that knowledge that they don't have to beat you over the head with proof of what they know. I really like his teaching style and will be purchasing the Pistol DVD as well.

Worth the cost of admission

Frank's methodology and teaching style are top notch. The advice he gives on the fundamentals of performance shooting are well thought out and easy to follow (but tough to master). This video is a great tool to have in your toolbox and will make you a better shooter, as long as you pay attention and practice what Frank teaches.


Fantastic! Frank is a great teacher. I plan on watching this over and over. A ton of experience went into this DVD. Frank is the best out there.

The Best Carbine Training

Being UCMC trained, and a competitive shooter for over 40 years, still found a lot of very useful training tips/exercises as well as shooting stance, grip and rhythm methods to try to improve performance. Re-watching it before each range session to make sure to get the most out of each section. Best part was that Frank's teaching "style" got the rest of my family so interested that they just had to go out and give the carbine a try.


I have been a competitive pistol shooter(M) for over 10 years and a LE firearms trainer for 8 years. Frank brings a rare wealth of knowledge from both his competition and SF backgrounds and ties it all together. I picked up many things to improve my shooting, my tactics, and my instruction. Well worth the money.

Great Training

I got the vimeo download and have been able to watch both Carbine and Pistol several times on my phone. Today while doing some training at the range I was able to watch the vimeo on my phone to review a part of the bolt catch reload section that wasn't working for me. After a few mags of practice exercises and re-watching that section of the video I was able to get consistently ~4 second reloads on my pro-timer. I still couldn't beat Frank ... but my best time is now 3.71 seconds and planning to get faster.