This course is 2 days. Day one will be all pistol. Day 2 will introduce carbine techniques and concepts.  Shooters can shoot the entire course with pistol if they wish.

When it's time to PERFORM you will not rise to the occasion, you will fall to your level of training.  Another way to look at that is you will use the HABITS that you developed in training.  

Performance Shooting is a 2 day course  designed to give you a deep understanding of the 3 types of HABITS you need to PERFORM well in any application of shooting. Once we establish what those habits are and what they mean to you as a shooter you will be given and guided through exercises to help you develop and refine those habits.  You will leave this course with all the tools you need to train to succeed in any shooting environment.  

To get the most out of this course you will need extremely safe gun handling skills and a working knowledge of marksmanship. This course is not for new shooters.

Topics covered but not limited to:

Visual Habits

Physical Habits

Mental Habits

Performance Marksmanship (speed and accuracy) at varying distances.

Visual processing speed



Mini stages and competitive events to evaluate performance habits in order to determine what we need to train on. 

Start time is 9am central time. Finish around 4pm. 

Minimal gear required. 


Carbine or PCC (optional for day 2)

Eye Protection

Hearing Protection


3 magazines for pistol

2 magazines for carbine

600 rounds of ammo per day. Bring ammo for day 2 based on which gun you plan to shoot.  More is always better.

 LOCATION: Mt. Gilead Police Range, Mt. Gilead OH 

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